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Learn alongside fellow professionals and interact directly with each other and the facilitator. Workshops are conducted to maximize hands-on training and discussion in a relaxed setting.  Leave with tools, techniques, insights – and answers to your questions – that are directly relevant to your role as a leader.

2024 Events

Communicating With Clarity


Being able to communicate effectively and clearly is an essential skill in today’s workplace and a requirement to build a foundation of integrity.

In this workshop, you will learn effective communication techniques to increase trust and productivity, reduce conflict, increase team morale and cohesiveness, and gain a higher level of job satisfaction.

Topics we explore include:
• key factors that influence how you communicate with others,
• how others receive and perceive your message,
• individual communication styles and how to adapt to other styles,
• the importance of non-verbal communication,
• how to listen, really listen,
• communicating to influence and get results,
• communicating in a virtual world,
• how effective communication is essential to a healthy culture, and
• much more!!!


Effectively Dealing with Conflict in the Workplace

2024 Dates TBD

Conflict is a fact of life. Your organization’s success depends on how you deal with workplace conflict and disputes. In this high-impact, customized and interactive workshop we will focus on the conflicts often present in the workplace. At the end of the day, you will be better positioned to effectively deal with the vast array of conflicts that occur in your workgroups and organizations.

Topics we explore include:
• What is conflict – recognizing types of conflict in the workplace?
• Recognizing situations likely to lead to conflict.
• Determining when to address workplace conflict.
• How to avoid becoming part of the conflict.
• Different conflict resolution preferences and your individual style.
• Strategies and techniques for managing conflict.
• Effective communication when dealing with conflict, and
• Much more!


Integrity is Not Negotiable™

2024 Dates TBD

Leaders have come to realize that building and maintaining an organization built on trust and integrity is essential in today’s work culture. This program focuses on the challenges and responsibilities faced by leaders today to create an organization where Integrity is Not Negotiable™.

Topics we explore include:
• what does it mean when we talk about ethics, integrity, and trust,
• how to align organizational values and individual ethics,
• generational differences when it comes to ethics, integrity, and trust,
• ethically responsible management practices
• the importance of being transparent,
• making ethics a priority in the workplace,
• creating a safe environment to talk about ethics and integrity, and
• Much more!


Developing Trusted Leadership

2024 Dates TBD

An organization is only as good as the strength of its leaders. Leading with integrity and building trust is a pivotal aspect of good leadership.

This program explores how to create an environment where employees are motivated to bring their best to work, where success is the expectation, and principles of trust, integrity and teamwork are part of the culture.

Topics discussed include:
• the importance of trust and integrity in leadership,
• where to start – building trust one step, one principle at a time,
• how to build trust with your team,
• the connection between a leader and organizational objectives and values,
• how being accountable and holding others accountable can create a positive workplace,
• how creating a healthy work environment can increase productivity, and
• Much more!


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